Who Says We Can’t Change the World

5B are feisty and determined, and this week they showed it as they took to protesting water bottle sales at our school. A group of grade 10 students chose to sell water bottles as their Business Studies project, and 5B didn’t like it. In December, students made a presentation to the Business Studies class about the negative impacts of PET bottles.

However, the group continued their water bottle sales, so students chose some more action. This time, they created signs. They learned they should be short, catchy phrases in big, bold letters with pictures, if possible. We talked about being quiet during the protest and letting the signs do the talking. We didn’t want to cause hard feelings.

The protest was successful–so far. The first day, students stopped water bottle sales almost completely. The second day, more students came out to protest, and the students continued to attract a crowd. Many high school students gave the grade 5 students a thumbs up as did teachers.

And now the news has traveled around the world. Through social media like Twitter, thousands of people have now seen or heard about the protest. A teacher in Singapore even wrote about the students on his blog and asked his students to comment: http://clueaspace.blogspot.sg/2013/03/get-up-stand-up.html

Students are plotting their next tactics if the group continues selling water bottles. Who says kids can’t change the world? What do you think students?

Student Protest from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Who Says We Can’t Change the World

  1. Go on you guys. Just wanted to say that you are inspiring us all the way in Singapore. So often we hope other people will fix the problems of the world, but it is so refreshing to see a group of young people like yourselves take action. Good luck and keep us informed.

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