Effective Action

blog_picThe PET water bottle sales, now ice cream sales, has taught all of us some lessons. This is a story with a really nice ending.

What started as 5B’s outrage against a group selling water bottles, in our land of too much plastic and good fresh water, has now turned into some great life lessons.

The Business Studies students at YIS, who initiated the PET water bottle campaign, came to our class this week to explain their new tactic. They decided they would no longer sell water bottles, but would instead go with the grade 5 idea of selling ice cream. They wanted our students’ help.

They told us several things:

  • They realized how much energy went into producing the water bottles even if people could recycle them (environmental education)
  • They realized they were idiots when water was right down the hallway and when they came up again and again as the “baddies.” (social education)

They admitted their mistakes and were making a change, and we admire the 10th graders for doing that. That’s a hard thing to do in this world, and it’s great to hear them make a change.

5B reflected on their new actions and what they learned:

  • The power of social media. Blogging about issues, sending them out to Twitter and Facebook quickly sends messages around the world and can hurt and help reputations. These Business Studies’ students had their reputation seriously injured, and that affected them enough to make a change.
  • The power of action. They can make a difference. What a huge thing for a kid to realize. Even small actions make a difference.
  • People make mistakes, and we’re all kids.

That last one was a big one. We are all kids. So, they’re 15 or 16 years-old, and our students are 10 and 11. They’re all kids, and we’re all learning.

Today, students went out to help hold signs promoting ice cream sales. They went up to people and drummed up business. The Business Studies boys said they were a big help. They were all smiling, making money, and they got to know each other some as they spent time together.

We talked about giving some of the money they raise to charity. As a school, we’re raising money for Charity Water, an organization trying to bring clean, drinking water to developing countries. Seems like an appropriate charity for the end of this action. A story with a nice ending.

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