What is important about your passion and the issue connected with it?

Please respond by Wednesday. We all look forward to hearing what is important about your passion and your issue connected to that passion. Make a case. Tell us about it.



29 thoughts on “What is important about your passion and the issue connected with it?

  1. WOW! you guys have some really great passions to look into. Camping,cooking, and Outdoor Recreation.
    My passion is mechanical engineering. I have never heard the last question about your passions. I hope you have a great time over these next few weeks!

    Ryan M

  2. Oh my gosh! Those are some amazing talents! I love how detailed those answers were to the questions! I really hope you have fun during the rest of your project! Sweet Passions!

  3. These are amazing passions. I was really wowed by Elena’s passion for acting and her connection to the community.

  4. All of those sound like great passions! I think that the project with camping and environmental change sounds very interesting. The Panda project also sounds interesting! I noticed that there were two people doing gymnastics, baseball and guitar. I was wondering though, for the cooking passion, How does people eating a lot cause starvation in Africa? I thought think that people in Africa are starving because they don’t have good soil to grow crops and another reason is probably because they don’t have enough money to buy food.
    They were all great presentations! Have Fun!

    Ryan S.

  5. I also agree that in Africa they don’t have good soil to grow crops and they also don’t have safe water to drink. I feel like some countries are over eating.
    My question is why the people in Africa Survive when they have only a little bit to eat and drink ?
    Starvation and hunger

  6. I loved your passions! There was a wide variety of interested in your class from swimming to cat’s and even biology and World Wars. I thought you could be a little more clearly. Other then that I thought it was great how you did the “So What” form. I liked how you included so much information in such a good time frame, not to short, not to long. I hope you guy’s keep enceling your passions!

    Paul S.

  7. Amazing presentation! I found it really interesting how you all found such deep questions and connections to your community! My passion is Music, and I’m really trying to make deep connections, and you guys really inspired me! =) Some of the ones that appealed to me the most were Elena, Lente, Juylnn, and Kelly’s, because their passions are all things that are my passions too. I loved how there were a variety of passions from rodents, to swimming. They were all great, and good luck on your exhibition!!!!! =D

  8. Interesting. It’s amazing how you choose specific, yet deep questions to research. Some questions a little bit confusing, like the cooking question about us eating when we aren’t hungry. Aren’t the foods different? But all the questions are definitely valid for being deep.

  9. Such a wide range of passions! Everyone has a passion, and your passion could change history. The history of future. It’s time to rewrite history. What are you going to do?

  10. Such wonderful passions! Passions that can change the world. My passion is writing and I hope you enjoy this project. Good luck! 🙂

  11. I loved all your voicethreads! They were packed with great informaition. You all had cool passions and I am exited for all of you to pursue your passions. I am glad we all have the opportunity to explore our passions.

  12. Great projects!!! I loved all your questions and I found it very interesting that almost everyone in your class has a different passion. I loved how you are really inquiring into the so what? of your passion and you are connecting it to your community. Keep going and having fun! Good luck!

  13. That was great! I love all the different types of unique passions you guys have chosen! You have all included very good issues and so whats that kept me listening! Good luck on your passion project! 🙂


  14. Hi guys,

    That was seriously awesome. First off, Doodling, that is awesome I love that you really thought out of the box and found something that you really enjoy to do! And it goes the exact same for chocolate! That was sweet, how did you find out you were passionate about chocolate! And the girl that had the rainbow picture, was super awesome, nice job all of you!

  15. All of your passion voice threads are wonderful! They are so unique and interesting. I had a great time listening to them. It sounds like you are all doing great and having fun. Some of your passions I would have never thought existed. I hope you keep your good work up! (:

  16. I think the Panda project idea is really cool because there are indangerd
    and they have some really cool facts about them. Like, did you know
    The panda cub can’t open its eyes after birth – It takes approximately 50 to 60 days for the panda cub to open its eyes. Therefore, the mother must stay with the panda at all times, rarely leaving the den. I hope you excel in your project and live out your passion.

  17. Wow! I cannot believe how close it is to the final project! I’m so excited for you all. I am sure you’ll do great things with your passion. I think you’ll all do great and you have no reason to be scared while you’re presenting because you’re awesome! Have fun!

  18. I think you guys could go do your presentions anyware you are so praperd. I know you can pull this off and shine. You all have good So Whats? And a good final projects.

    Good Luck!

  19. I feel confident that all of you will do fantastic on your speeches. You all have unique and wonderful passions. I hope you all do wonderful and have a blast!!!

  20. Wow! I can’t believe that you only have 1 more day to prepare for your final project! Try not to be nervousness because that is one of the worst things to do before your speech. Keep calm and enjoy the moment! Good Luck!

  21. Wow I can’t believe that your speech is only 1 day away! Try not to be nervous and just enjoy the moment. You should accept that your time is up and present what you have. Trust yourself you will do great! Good Luck!

    Ryan S.

  22. Good luck on your presentation! I have one last piece of advice, if you mess up don’t restart and don’t stick to the plan.

  23. Good luck on your presentations! (Not that you’ll need it) You guys are going to do great! One tip is if you mess up don’t make it look like a mistake.

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