A Skype Trip up Mt. Everest

What an experience we all had today. We talked to Mark Wood, explorer, who is climbing to the top of the world. Mark spoke to us today from around Mt. Everest and told us about his journey so far. He plans to make it to the summit of Mt. Everest, 8, 848 meters, in another month. So far, he said he’s doing well, feels healthy and is exploring his passion: exploration.

Students asked him questions about his passion, the challenges so far, the gear he’s using. He even shook Kai’s hand–virtually. He also showed us the YIS logo and discussed how he will bring it to the top of the world.

Four reporters and Skype’s publicity person were here to record the event, so we’re looking forward to seeing the news and magazine articles about the conversation.

The connection was crystal clear, and students communicated amazingly. Thanks Mark!

A Skype Trip Up Mt. Everest from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


21 thoughts on “A Skype Trip up Mt. Everest

  1. So cool, Grade 5! I could hear you guys cheering from another classroom down the hall 🙂 So great to see such an amazing example of someone following their passion, literally, to the top!

  2. 1. What did you think of the call with Mark Wood, explorer. Why do you think that?

    2. What question do you still have?

  3. I thought when we talk, there will be a cut when he talk but the connection was really good. Also, there wasn’t that much show as much as I thought. He also inspired me to climb Mt. Everest!

  4. The connection was very good so I am surprised because I thought it would be bad connection. We could hear him very well.
    About how many kilometers do you walk a day on mount everest?

  5. I am amazed that there was no snow and stuff over there because I thought there would be snow. It was also amazing skype was so good. How long will it take to get up on Mt. Everest? What was the air like (oxygen) when you talked to us on Skype?

  6. 1.) I thought it was very cool because, It was very hard to skype the Australian school but It was better when we skyped Mark Wood.

    2.) Have you trained to climb mt. everest? If you did, what kind of
    training did you do?

  7. It was good because the picture and the talk was better than when we talked to Australia. I think it was fun to meet the team up on Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. How fast do you think the oxygen when you’re going up Mt. Everest?

  8. I thought skyping with mark wood was great because the wifi was good and we learned a lot. I learned that in high altitude no plants can live grow. Skyping with Mark wood was a rare opportunity and I wish we can do it again.

  9. I thought it was very fun to Skype Mark Wood on Mt.Everest. I also thought that it was interesting to learn more about Mt. Everest .

    Another question I have is:
    What is the weather on Everest?


  10. I was so amazed how the connection on skype was good.
    I am still wondering what type of technology he used to skype with us.

  11. I think this skype was good because we got to know about different things like what kind of gear they use to climb Mt. Everest. My question is: What do you want to do once you get to the top?

  12. I thought talking to Mark Wood who was on Mount Everest was a exhilarating experience because you don’t really have that kind of opportunity to talk to a person who is on top of the world.

  13. The call was really cool and fun! And I got to ask him questions! I really felt like I was there! I wanted to be there with him!

    I have 1 more question. How many clothes do you wear when you are climbing Mt. Everest and when you are sleeping?

    Vienna 5B

  14. I thought talking to Mark Wood is awesome. I think it’s awesome because I could talk to a person that’s climbing mount Everest. I never knew that the connection was really good. I thought it would go off or black out or lag. But it didn’t and it was really cool.

  15. I thought it was really interesting, that we could talk to someone that is doning some thing that we’ll probably never do. It felt lie talking to a celebrity. It felt good to be part of his team. I like how he is going to take a photo of our YIS logo on the top of Mount Everest.

    • What did you think about the climb so far?
    • Why did you decide to Skype with schools?
    •Does Peter have a Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition?

  16. What a fabulous experience and inspirational thing to do for Grade 5 . Several years ago I had the honor of speaking with Dame Ellen MacArthur as she sailed through the southern ocean on her round the world trip. The extremes these people put themselves through is truly amazing. Who knows one of Grade 5 may be a future adventurer!

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