Our Voices

Our Exhibition. It’s coming. This Tuesday, April 23rd. Students have worked hard for many weeks preparing. They’ve had to stay organized. They’ve written essays and summaries. They’ve prepared a speech and a video. They’ve researched and dug into their passion. Here’s what they have been thinking about.

What makes you excited? What concerns you about Exhibition.

IBPYP Exhibition Voices from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


16 thoughts on “Our Voices

  1. Wow! Clearly you’ve all learned so much about your passions!

    We’ve noticed that Owen has really developed his computer skills.

    Very much looking forward to seeing all your presentations on Tuesday evening.

  2. David has learned and shared a lot of new facts around his passions already.

    We look forward to an evening full of passions.
    See you there !

  3. I have found theat Julian has become more open to ask questions and discover more. Good luck tomorrow to all Grade 5 pupils and I hope I can learn a whole lot from all of you

    Margret Keulemans

  4. It sounds to me that you guys are doing great! I think that your passions are exciting and will be very interesting for the exhibition. For those of you who are nervous about people being interested in your topic, I think that you should just be confidant and determined about your passion. Great job, and good luck to you all!

  5. You guys sound like you’re doing really well on your exhibition! When you go up to present just know that you don’t have to have a perfect presentation, just get as close to perfect as you can. Have a great time showing everybody your amazing passions. Remember HAVE FUN. Everything is better with fun! Good luck!

    ~ Gwyneth

  6. I wanted to wish you good luck on your presentation tomorrow! You will all do a wonderful job! My only advice is have fun and always remember that the audience wants you to succeed no matter what!

  7. Wow! I cannot wait to hear all of your presentations. Good luck to all!
    P.S., I can’t wait to hear the camping one too. I love camping!

  8. Good luck! Have fun, be yourselves and no matter what you are going to do great. Everyone has a passion and anything related to it will be fun. Have lots of fun!

  9. You guys sound great! Don’t be afraid to mess up everybody will want you to succeed and they will help you if you do. But don’t worry you guys will do just great! Good luck!


  10. I think you guys are really ready for your speeches! You should all cell tickets on the streets of New York City and talk. I believe in your abilities. Good Luck!!!

  11. Very excelent and don’t be afraid to say what you believe plus never be afraid to mess up because the audience won’t even care.

  12. It is great to see how your confidence has built as a group and individually. I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing G5 exhibitions as your parting sayonaras to PYP. Good luck to you all in Middle School.
    Elena’s Dad

  13. Great work at Exhibition, 5B! It was very interesting to learn about such a varied group of interests. Kelly enjoyed interviewing a gymnastics coach and learning new computer skills. I enjoyed watching the students support each other.

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