Questions about Equity and Natural Resources

These past few weeks, we have been discussing natural resources in 5B. What are they? Who has them? Why are natural resources so important? How do they affect us? Our most recent inquiry was into countries and their natural resources. Students chose two countries: one they thought was rich and another one poor, and they […]

DIY Challenge

We call it genius hour or DIY. Inspired by the DIY site, students have taken on a challenge. Become skilled at something they don’t know by June 7th. The DIY site and the Internet has made it so easy to learn new skills. We should all try it. There’s magic going on, interior design, clothing […]

UK Maths Challenge

Last month, three 5B students and four other grade 5 students took the UK Maths challenge. The UK Maths challenge is a problem solving test given to students in the UK and around the world. YIS Grade 6 and grade 7 students all take the mathematics test, and it is an option for grade 5. […]

Grade 5 Camp

Love it when students take the initiative! Julynn made this video about Grade 5 camp. Take a look and see where we traveled and more–from a student’s perspective. Please comment about this great video!