Questions about Equity and Natural Resources

These past few weeks, we have been discussing natural resources in 5B. What are they? Who has them? Why are natural resources so important? How do they affect us?

Our most recent inquiry was into countries and their natural resources. Students chose two countries: one they thought was rich and another one poor, and they researched information about those countries using the CIA World Factbook. Students looked at literacy, poverty, amount of money people made in the country and the country’s natural resources, and then they were asked to write some thoughts and questions.

From just one hour’s work, the questions are fascinating, and from there, students had a discussion trying to figure out some answers. Here are their questions. See their answers and add your own.

  • Do natural resources make a difference in how poor or rich that country is?
  • Do poor countries always have shorter life spans and lots of children?
  • Is literacy affected by child labour?
  • Why do some countries have a lot of kids and some countries don’t?
  • Why does a country like Zambia have more resources than other countries like Finland but they are more poor?
  • Why is the world unfair?
  • Why are countries of Africa poor?
  • Why is a country like Pakistan more poor than a country like Luxembourg when they have more minerals and natural resources?
  • Why does a country like the US still have 1% of it populate who are illiterate?
  • How can people in the Congo survive on 40,000 yen/year?
  • Why are countries with so many natural resources so poor?
  • Does weather affect how poor and rich a country is?

5 thoughts on “Questions about Equity and Natural Resources

  1. Why does a country like the US still have 1% of it populate who are illiterate?

    I think the 1% might be immigrants that aren’t from the country. It also might be the Native Americans. It also may be people in the country side that, haven’t had an education, or it may be people that are homeless.

  2. Why are countries of Africa poor?
    I’m not sure, but I think climate affects it. Since it’s to hot in there people will get lazy and many summer bugs will be bringing the desease. Also, base on what Shion said, China takes Africa natural recourses, so the people who works to get the natural recourses get too less money. Last, I think sometimes, presidents in Africa might be mean and bad.

  3. Why are countries of Africa poor?
    In my opinion, I think that the reason Africa is poor is because of the weather. I think when it is hot people get lazy. If they are lazy then there are buildings to work in or make money.

  4. The question is why are countries that are poor have many natural resources so poor? I think the answer is that the government dosen’t pay attention to the natural resources so they don’t really take much.

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