Mark Wood’s Journey to Everest

Mark Wood with our YIS Logo

About a month back, students in 5B Skyped with Mark Wood, explorer, on his way to the top of the world. See the past post about our Skype call.

May 20th, Mark finished his journey  about 500 meters from the top. His team was suffering, and he made the decision to turn back to save them all. Although he was distraught in his last audio post because of not making it to the top, he and all have recovered.  We all had a good discussion about his journey and about making safe decisions.

Today, we received a package from Mark from Nepal. We will talk to him again on Skype when he’s back in London. It’s been a really fun journey, and everyone has learned something about high altitude climbing, Nepal and about the highest mountain in the world.

Thanks for including us Mark!

Here are some interesting articles and sites about Mt.Everest:

Recent article about the 2012 dangerous climbing season on Everest

Article on rubbish clean-up on Mt. Everest

Mark Wood’s open Facebook page:



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