Action Complete

This past weekend, Vienna and Wonkyung went to the animal shelter to donate 17,605 yen and the blankets they made for the animals. They had started this project a while back by selling things to raise money. This weekend was the culmination of the journey. On their own initiative, they decided to raise money and […]

Technology Brings Us Further from our Hearts

I read a great opinion piece today in the New York Times (online) titled “How Not to Be Alone.”  It’s a commentary on our use of technology and how it’s making us less connected in so many intimate ways. Technology celebrates connectedness, but encourages retreat. The author discusses how easy it is to retreat into our […]

Change the World with a Lemonade Stand

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the lemonade stand and bake sale, 5B has raise over 20,000 yen for Charity Water  so far. Students have been busy squeezing lemons into juice and making some very tasty lemonade. In the two days of sales, elementary students have swarmed to the stand, and we’ve run out […]