Intimidating Myself

Today marks the start of another year in grade 5. This year, I start off with more students–19. Not to complain. It’s still small in the realm of teaching. Our rooms are small, and with so many bodies, though, it gets tight.

We had a good day today. Kids were ready. Everyone seemed happy. New students seemed to be flowing along with others. I didn’t quite have my groove on yet, though.

What I’ve realized is that I’ve intimidated myself. Last year was powerful. I tried out new things, and the students responded. They took charge. We took on challenges, and the students became amazing inquirers who wanted to take action in the world.

Now I’m wondering…How do I keep it up? How do I dig in again? What will this year bring? Do I have it in me to motivate students again? Do they have the energy to dig in? I’m sure they do. I’m sure I do. It’s just not going to happen the first day. Even though it’s exciting starting a new year, it’s hard. I’m grieving about last year. I’m also experiencing change with my daughter moving into Middle School.

Wondering how other teachers feel starting the year. Same thoughts?


One thought on “Intimidating Myself

  1. I always feel like that at the beginning of the year. I get filled with ideas and get ahead of myself. I am trying to calm down, listen carefully to the kids, and let them start driving the inquiry. Easier said then done.

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