Our Geniuses: Home Learning in 5B

Students can be geniuses. And they can be passionate. And they can step outside their normal boundaries and do something pretty incredible. Everyday, we are reminded what talented, amazing students we have, and giving them some choice in their learning helps bring that out. For home learning this year, students are starting out by choosing […]

The Quick Check-In

I’m becoming more and more an advocate of the quick check-in. Call it formative assessment but quicker. Immediately, I’ve got a check-in on how my students are doing and where to move next. I give a lot of credit to the Making Thinking Visible, a philosophy and online course I took last year through Harvard. […]

Adam Gidwitz Visits Grades 4 and 5

Today, author Adam Gidwitz of the books, A Tale Dark and Grim and In a Glass Grimly, visited YIS and spent time with the grades 4 and 5 students. He talked about fairy tales and his writing. He told stories and captivated everyone for almost an hour. Some students screeched when he retold the original Cinderella. His […]

All About Inquiry

As part of our unit on Sharing the Planet, students have been inquiring into how conflict affects lives. They brainstormed questions, categorized them and then chose the most important question to them. Then, they started researching. Researching is challenging, the students realized. First, they tried a survey, sent it out electronically and then correlated results–all […]

Favorite Moments of the Week

Just a collection of photos of favorite moments from the week. I asked my students today in our class meeting for their favorite things this week–in and out of school. Their thoughts echo mine. It’s always those special things we do that make learning in a PYP school so balanced. This is what they all […]

Our Grade 2 Buddies

This week, 5B spent more time with their grade 2 buddies. We had brainstormed a list of things to do together, and one activity that came up over and over again was to build something. So, this week, the grade 2 students and grade 5 students practiced some teamwork while they attempted to build a […]

Choice or Chance

During our Sharing the Planet unit, in Mathematics, we’ve been looking at probability. What are the chance of things happening? What is the probability? What choices do we make based on chance? Are we risk takers? Talk with your parents about what you’ve been learning in Math. Ask them about what choices they make based […]

Unfairness in PE

Today, with the start to our unit on Sharing the Planet, students experienced some disturbing PE time. As part of a provocation to get students to start thinking about conflict and what leads to it, nice Ms. Buehler set up a situation in PE that most students believe was completely unfair. Ask your students about […]