School Closes for Typhoon

Students: As you know, school is closed today due to the typhoon. Please stay safe and indoors until it passes. After the typhoon, it’s usually sunny and beautiful. If you want to do some inquiry, find out all you can about typhoons. You might ask:

  • What is a typhoon?
  • Where did the word come from?
  • Why is Japan susceptible to typhoons (why do they get typhoons)?
  • Why do we close school during a typhoon?

You can post anything you learn here in the comments and tell us tomorrow. Also, remember we will have our literature circles tomorrow, so make sure you have read your pages and come up with some questions to ask others. Remember, here are some good examples  you can use as question starters.

Keep thinking about your DIY home learning due this Friday. Here are the requirements again.

Stay safe and see you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “School Closes for Typhoon

  1. typhoon is created by huge low air pressure.
    They catch lots of air from the surrounding to the middle and they make lots of wind.The air at the middle makes a spiral and goes up.As a result this wind makes a big big cloud and it will creates a typhoon.

  2. 1 Typhoons are massive storms with strong wind and rain.

    2 The word “Typhoon” comes from “Typhon” the greek monster of storms and whirlwinds.

    3 Typhoons happen because we live near the sea. The sun soaks up the water which forms clouds. The wind pushes the clouds. Where we live there are no cliffs or mountains to stop the wind pushing the clouds toward us.

    4 Schools are closed because it’s dangerous.

  3. 1)Strong wind made around equator is called ‘typhoon’.
    2)There are some saying about the origin of ‘typhoon’.
    -The wind (fen) blows near Taiwan (Tai) became ‘typhoon’.
    -‘tufan’: an Arabic word means spinning became ‘typhoon’.
    -‘typhon’ : the God of wind in Greek Mythology became ‘typhoon’.
    3)Typhoon moves by the wind. The wind blows to Japan during June to October.
    4)It would be dangerous when the typhoon comes over Yokohama.

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