All About Inquiry

As part of our unit on Sharing the Planet, students have been inquiring into how conflict affects lives. They brainstormed questions, categorized them and then chose the most important question to them.

Then, they started researching. Researching is challenging, the students realized. First, they tried a survey, sent it out electronically and then correlated results–all online. They reflected on what makes a good survey and thought about percentages and what graphs tell us.

Next, they started investigating websites. Using Google to search, they started by identifying keywords and then turning on the basic reading level functions. Still, it was difficult.

From there, we’ll see where they go. Interviews? All self-driven, but with a lot of guided reflection and tips along the way.


One thought on “All About Inquiry

  1. Hi 5B,
    This sounds like you are doing a great inquiry into surveying. I wonder what advice you would offer to 5W students if they were going to make a survey? Maybe you can write a simple guide on how to create an awesome survey!
    Ms. Catasti

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