Typhoon Day Home Learning

Tomorrow is a typhoon day! (again) Stay safe, dry and indoors when the winds hit. If you are looking for something to do, here are some ideas: You can do some Live Mathletics. I’ve taken off the tasks so you can play Live Mathletics. Try it and get your number speed up to par! Practice […]

Active Listening and the Roundangular Table

Today, we discussed active listening in class. With our literature circle discussions, class meeting something we’re calling the “Roundangular” table, we discuss things a lot. Students thought about what good listening is and shared their thoughts: Looking at the person who is talking Sitting upright Being still and calm Being quiet Face the person who […]

What Did We Learn?

What did we learn about conflict? As we come to the end of our study about conflict and solutions, what did you learn? Here are some questions for you. You can think about what you learned through your own question and inquiry or what your learned from others. You also can think about discussions we […]