Biggest discoveries that changed our world

What do you think were the most important discoveries that changed the world? Which ones had the biggest impact on us today? Here’s what 5B students thought. Tell us what you think. We would love to hear. Add your comments below.


43 thoughts on “Biggest discoveries that changed our world

  1. Some great suggestions by the class, and if I had to pick three it would be gravity, the atom (which in some ways tied to electricity) and DNA. In the movie 2001 Space Oddity the discovery of fire is a very big moment; what do you think?

  2. 1.alphabets
    which all related to way of communication. I used to be a Japanese language teacher, and so I am fascinated by different ways of communication being found.

  3. Erics dad says:

    1. Internet because it changed the communication and is because it gives you lot of information.

    2. New transportation because for example when people have buisnes,s they only could communicate or make buisnes with people that are in a short distance but when car/ship/airplanes/trains. trains are one of the biggest ones. were invented people had a oppertunities to communicate/do buisness with other people that were in a long distance.

    3. science ( wich could be including geometry, chemist, intomologist and so on ). because science made life easy`r for example science made infrastructure like bridge, streets, dam, electricked pwer plant and a port. it could also include medicine and agricultural chemicals.

  4. Hi everyone.
    I’m from a school in Melbourne, Australia, and my class has a blog too. I find your blog very interesting!

    I think that all the technological or electrical things have had the biggest impact on our lives. The world is almost a different place compared to when there wasn’t any of this technology. Most things we do seem to rely on technology or electricity. On I-Pads and other tablets there are apps for just about everything!

  5. Hi
    I’m from a school in Melbourne, Australia,

    I would have to agree with you that electricity was the most important and biggest discovery and tleportation is second

  6. Hey guys how are you? I think medicine has really changed the world because it saves peoples lives some times if they have a really bad fever!

  7. Hi, I’m from Australia and I’m on a class blog too.

    On this graph some of the things that were options to vote for were not discoveries, rather inventions- such as school and houses. I’m not quite sure what discovery has changed the world the most, but some of the things on the list are definitely up there.

  8. hello I’m from Melbourne
    I agree about everything people have said if there wasn’t any technology the world would be a different place

  9. Hi Everyone,
    I am from Melbourne. I go to the same school as Liora.

    I also think electricity has a huge impact on our lives.Without electricity the world would be very different.

  10. Hi my name is Jamie and I come from a school in Melbourne in Australia.

    I think that the most important discoveries in our world is school so everyone can have an education to lead a better life and the computer so everybody can be connected.

  11. Hi everyone,
    I’m from a school in Melbourne, Australia my class also has a blog. Your blog is awesome. I think that the stuff related to electricity and machines have had the biggest impact because they are now part of our daily life.

  12. Hi everyone
    I am from a school in Australia Melbourne could Mount Scopus. I like your blog it’s amazing i like it

    sincerely josh

  13. Hi guys,
    I go to Mount Scopus, a school in Melbourne, Australia. Your blog is so cool!

    I’m actually not exactly sure what was the biggest discovery, there are so many important ones. I would say that antibiotics is pretty big and very important, and electricity made a really big impact as well. Cars, planes and other transport were a big discovery too.

    This is such an interesting thing to think about! Good luck with your inquiry!!

  14. Hay guys whats up i am from Melbourne Australia. I am glad that we are blog mates. Looking forward to talking to you guys.

  15. Hi guys, I’m from the same school as Liora.
    I think that technology has had a big impact on our lives, especially the social networking aspect of it, because nearly all of us have access to a social network.

  16. Hi I’m jade from a school in Melbourne, Australia
    I think gravity because it helps us stay on the ground and it would be hard to do most things because you won’t be able to stay put. You would be flying in the air. I also think internet because I couldn’t imagine a world without internet! I use it all the time. I don’t know what life was like without it!! I also think electricity because I don’t know how to just rely on outside night.
    From Jade

  17. Hi 5b! I learn at a school in Melbourne, Australia and my class has stumbled upon your fantastic blog! we learn at mount Scopus and we have our own class blog too!
    I think the best/biggest three discoveries in the world is 1st, electricity because of all the technology being developed and produced in the world. 2nd, engines because of all the travel that’s going on these days. In cars, boats, planes and other. And finally 3rd, cement/brick houses, because of evolution, if we didn’t have these we would still be living in a cave!

  18. Hi!

    I am from a school in Australia and we have done a similar unit to you.

    I think that the top 3 discovories are:

    1. Desalination
    2. The toilet
    3. Electricity

    I hope this helps

  19. We are from 9G and this year we are going to be connecting with you.
    1. Anti-biotics
    2. Social networking websites
    3. Camera

  20. Hello I’m Masaki and I’m in 9th grade at Yokohama International School. Here are my suggestions:

    1. Words/Number
    2. Science (Biology (reproduction), Chemistry (reactions), Physics (energy))
    3. Technology

  21. 1) domesticated plants/animals
    2) mathematics
    3) democracy
    3) printing press
    4) germ theory (vaccines, antibiotics, sanitation…)
    5) the scientific method

  22. do you guys feel students should be able to tell the difference between what is a discovery and an invention? based on my understanding a discovery happens by chance when you are exploring something but an invention is more on purpose. What do you guys think?

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