Going Global

Today’s education is a lot different than it was when so many parents grew up. We’ve been talking about how the world has changed, and many said the advent of the Internet has brought huge changes. This article from The Atlantic Monthly  talks about all of the changes that have impacted our world, including the Internet.

At school this week, we’ve been using that Internet to connect and learn new things from people around the world.

  1. We chatted with a grade 5 class in New York City at The Dwight School. Using the tool: “Today’s Meet,” we talked about our first read aloud, Wonder. “Today’s Meet” works like a Twitter feed where you have 140 characters to express your thoughts and respond to people. See the transcript from the kids’ conversation. It was fun. “Today’s Meet” about Wonder transcript
  2. We asked questions about the biggest discoveries and inventions that have shaped our world. We put this out on our class blog, asked parents, students from around the school, and posted it to Twitter. As a result, we got responses from a class in Melbourne Australia. See their comments and ours on the post.
  3. Finally, today, we talked on Skype with some grade 5 students in Tokyo. They have been working on passion projects, similar to our DIY projects, and we shared our projects over Skype today. It was a success! It was fun to see their projects, and for them to hear about some of ours. We decided to do it again, maybe each month about a different unit of inquiry.
The world is changing, and we want to be connected! How do you think it all went?


2 thoughts on “Going Global

  1. Just how it should be 🙂
    Given the technology we have at our fingertips, why would anyone limit learning to within the 4 walls of the classroom?

  2. Hi 5B thank you for sharing your thinking and learning. Sometimes people tell me that all this technology is not helpful. I wonder whether you would mind telling them why learning with technology and global connections are useful to you. I understand that you are very busy but would love to hear from any of you.

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