More great book trailers

Students have finished their book trailers for the literature circle book, and they’re fantastic. What kind of feedback could you give? Do you want to read the book? Why or why not?

Eric, Manami, Risa, Theo

Haikal, Jaehyun, Rio, Yoshie

Nora, Sarasa, Jesper, Koki

Missing from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “More great book trailers

  1. They were all really realistic and mysterious. They made me want to read more about the books! (Sofia)
    I liked the music set the theme and matches the theme of the book (Mimi and Kylie)
    I liked how you can tell what genre the books are by looking at the trailers. (Grace)
    I liked how the font matched the moods of the story. (James)
    Try not to give away a lot of the books in the trailer but give us enough to hook us in! (Grace and Sofia).
    Very good technological skills and use of iMovie. They looked realistic and that they understood the books well.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the three book trailers. They certainly have sparked an interest to look more closely at the recommended books.

  3. Hi 5B, the book trailers you made are very persuasive. Each one I watch makes me want to read the book it advertises. So many books to read, which one do I choose first?

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