Reflecting = Thinking

We finished up a science investigation yesterday where we built boats out of aluminum foil. Imagine water splashing out of plastic containers a students tried different boat designs that could hold the most 5 yen coins.

As part of our science focused-unit, Where We Are in Place and Time, students have been learning about scientific discoveries and how they have impacted our world. They’re also beginning to learn about how scientists discover things.

So, during our investigation, students were given some information about Archimedes and his laws of displacement. Other than that, they were given 2 pieces of a square of foil, some 5 yen coins and a basin of water. Their only directions: use the aluminum foil to make a boat that can hold the most 5 yen coins.

What came out of their investigation was some scientific thinking as you can see in the video.  Then, I asked them:

During the investigation, how were you thinking like a scientist?

Their answers:

  • We tested different ideas–like scientists do
  • We discussed things and listened to a lot of people’s opinions
  • We changed our design and improved on it
  • We made a lot of attempts–scientists do that also
  • We made a lot of mistakes-like scientists but we reflected and
  • We finally made something that worked.

It’s the beginning of our journey to learn about scientific thinking.


It’s How We Think from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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