Finding Out About the Past: Our Visit

Tuesday, we visited the older people’s home near school to have a conversation with them about the past. Our unit, “Where We Are in Place and Time,” has led us into discoveries about how science has evolved and changed our lives. We’ve asked students at YIS, our parents, and other students  around the world about the biggest discoveries that have changed our lives. It was time to talk to some people who have lived through a lot of changes.

In groups of 3 or 4, students asked the older people about their childhood, their school life and about the discoveries that made the most difference to them.

It was challenging. Some of the older people wanted to say the few words they knew in English. Others didn’t want to talk. One man slept through the attempts at conversation. Yet everyone said it was interesting.


  • Think about what you learned from the older people or even about having a conversation with someone so different than you.
  • Think about what the older person said about their early life and/or how things have changed.

Answer by: I Used to Think…Now I think…


19 thoughts on “Finding Out About the Past: Our Visit

  1. I used to think that going to An old people home would be boring but it was actually very interesting. Now I think that it is really fun to go to old people homes because it is intresting. But I wish that it was all in english. But one of them spoke english.

  2. I used to think people buy clothes. But now I know some people have to make clothes by there selfs. I thought people say like phone or computer for there things that change your life but, people say different things like radio’s. I used to think it would be fun talking to older people but it was sometimes hard.

  3. I used to think that when people go to war we can’t go to school. But now I think that some people could go to school a little.

  4. I learned from the older people that war is very bad to do. So I think that we as the younger generation we should make sure that we don’t do war. One of the older people said that atomic technology changed! the most.

  5. I used to think that when you talk to older people and when you ask a big question, they talk and talk and talk . Now I think that if you ask a question they don’t talk that much about it.

  6. I used to think that it would be easy to talk to old people but i was so wrong . . . .
    1. one of the old people slept.
    2. hard to understand. ( sometimes )
    3. suddenly sings A.B.C songs when i am asking a question. . . .
    And That is why it was very very fun.

  7. I used to think war was a long time ago but now I think that the people who were in the war are still alive. I used to think that older people don’t like to do sports but now I think the older people like sports more then we do.

  8. I used to think that older people don’t have electricity and no modern stuff. Now i think that older people have really modern stuff.

  9. I used to think the people that are old can speak very well but, some lady had a thing to hear better but I still had to shout.

  10. I used to think that older people did completely different things for entertainment growing up than what we do. But now I think that we do some of the same things. Like a lot of older ladies especially, liked to sing. And some liked to play tennis and other things that we like to do as well.

  11. I used to think the older people just 50 to 70 years old but now It 80 to 90 years old. I used to think that many older people are sick but they aren’t.

  12. I used to think (Like when I was five) That you would have to be thousands of years old to be alive during World War 2. Now I think that you could only be in your late 90’s to be alive during the war. I also learned that when you talk with elderly people you have to be patient with old people because it may take a long time for them to remember.

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