A Week in 5B

What a busy week. Fun. Productive. Energizing. Caring.

This week, some of the highlights:

    • We raised 35,000 yen in 3 bake sales. All for Philippine relief for the typhoon. Plus, parents have matched donations, so in total, with parent donations: 130,000 yen! Thank you everyone who has been so supportive. Students have decided to hold 2 more bake sales to finish it off: next Tuesday and Wednesday. We have contacted the school in Cebu, Philippines, and we’ll wire the money next week. Quote of the week from one of the students: “Wow, we raised so much money! And it’s all for the Phillipines. Wow.”

    • Visit to the local senior home opened our minds to how things have changed over time. It was also a fascinating journey into questioning and talking to people much older than ourselves.
    • Almost finished our unit project with  a research explanatory report about discoveries and inventions that have changed our world. Great work! Professionally done!
    • Some beginning thoughts on fractions.
    • A chance to review stories from students from New York City and comment on their work using Google docs.
    • An awesome look at Earth from space.

  • And, of course, some usual balance thrown in: extra PE in the park, Silent ball, and a Youtube discovery of a Japanese chicken yodeler.


The awesomeness of space


One thought on “A Week in 5B

  1. I really enjoyed the goodies from the bake sale. I was very impressed with your level of professionalism as you sold your goods. That was a very impressive amount of money you raised. I think others could learn from your endeavors.

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