Science Fair and Some Hands-on Science

This week, students presented their science investigations about energy. Their goal was to create an investigation that showed how energy changed and to be able to explain it. Grade 4 came to see the experiments, along with teachers and administrators. The students enjoyed showing their projects and also got some insight into how to present […]

Science Fair Coming

Students, the 5B science fair is coming. It’s time to show us what you’ve learned about energy. All you need is an investigation, attention to detail, everything documented and practice presenting. We will be presenting to another class on Monday, Jan. 27th. Next week, there will be time to work on it, but you might […]

We Watched Ice Melt Today

What did you do in school today? We watched ice melt…and raisins dance. Science has been happening all over this week. We’ve been asking questions, predicting what might happen, taking some close observations, and then reflecting on what we think happened…and of course, asking more questions. There was some roller coaster building. How do you […]

What Are You Wondering?

For the next several weeks, let’s wonder. What are things you’ve always had questions about? Check out Wonderopolis and do some wonderings in your journal. Here are the pages for this week: 3 Wonders I’ve Explored Favorite Wonder and Reason My wonderings Information I’ve already figured out. Enjoy! Keep wondering!