We Watched Ice Melt Today

What did you do in school today? We watched ice melt…and raisins dance.

Science has been happening all over this week. We’ve been asking questions, predicting what might happen, taking some close observations, and then reflecting on what we think happened…and of course, asking more questions.

There was some roller coaster building. How do you build a roller coaster out of foam tubes that’s unique, complex, yet still sends a marble through quickly? The students had some ideas. There were loops and jumps and even monsters and ball drops. Students discussed potential and kinetic energy. Pretty fun.

Which ice melts the fastest?

Which ice melts the fastest?

And then there was ice melting. Which block melted ice the fastest? It stumped everyone. As it turned out, one was aluminum, and the ice melted quickly. We did some good observations. One block was cold to the touch; the other one was room temperature. Students suggested trying to melt two ice cubes, putting the blocks on top of each other. Thinking like scientists.



A fun game called “How long can you hold an ice cube?” “Who melts the ice cube the fastest? It was cold was that observation.

Finally, we watched raisins dance in a solution of baking soda and vinegar. What did we see? What did we think was happening? It was exciting.

Dancing Raisins from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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