Energy, Noodles and Rollercoasters

Today we headed out into the bitter cold for a good, brisk walk to downtown Yokohama. Students carried pedometers or iPhones with apps as we headed out to see how much energy we use walking. It was a good walk: quiet, along the bay. We finished our walk at the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, a museum dedicated to Momofuko Ando and the famous cup noodles.

Students got a chance to make chicken ramen: from stirring the flour and oil together to rolling out the noodle dough and packaging up the noodles. Students walked out with 2 bags of noodles and a nifty bandanna. We all enjoyed a lunch in the Noodles Bazaar, trying out noodles from around Asia.

Finally, we headed over to Cosmo World to enjoy one ride all about energy. A lot of students chose a roller coaster, some the log ride. A few went for the tamer carousel. Fun day. Everyone spent a lot of energy and we’ll follow up with some discussions over the next few days.

Walking, Noodles and Roller coasters on PhotoPeach


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