Science Fair and Some Hands-on Science

This week, students presented their science investigations about energy. Their goal was to create an investigation that showed how energy changed and to be able to explain it. Grade 4 came to see the experiments, along with teachers and administrators. The students enjoyed showing their projects and also got some insight into how to present so that students will be engaged. Great projects and really well done 5B!

Science Fair-How The World Works from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


19 thoughts on “Science Fair and Some Hands-on Science

  1. I have learned what potential energy is and what kinetic energy is. I feel great now that I know different energy sources and converting energy.

  2. I now know about potential energy and kinetic energy after this unit. I know that when a roller coster goes up it uses energy and at the top it has potential energy. Then going down is the kinetic energy. The roller coster was fun!

  3. I learned that floresent glows if there is uv because there is a light in floresent that you can’t see for your eyes without uv

  4. I learned that kinetic energy is when it is moving and using the energy. Also when it is potential energy it is still and collecting the energy.

  5. It was very fun!!! I did the bouncing ball that bounce on the dryer and when it bounce, I learned that it was kinetic energy. Also the dryer moves because of the electricity. And it bounce and floats of the air energy.

  6. I learned that there are lots of different kinds of energy in the world. I also learned that kinetic is when something is going or moving. And potential is when it is still.

  7. When I did this unit I learned that energy changes one to another and I learned that there is a energy called kinetic energy and potential energy. I now know that the air uses energy and we could make balloons bigger without using our mouth to put the air in.

  8. I learned about energy can change from one form to another.I also learned potential energy is waiting, kinetic energy is moving.

  9. I did the electric generator. I learned how generator works. It works like this. So when you eat some thing chemical energy will go inside your body. Then you use the chemical energy to turn the handle of the generator when you turn the handle it moves so that is kinetic energy. Then it will make electric energy.Then the electric energy will go through the cord and the toy train will move.

  10. In this experiment about energy I had learned that there is lot of type of energy. Example gravity electricity potential and kinetic. It was hard to make energy with lemons. I did this experiment with Eric. We try to make the LED light with the lemons. It was fun. I want to ask how many types of energy are there.

  11. I learned that potential energy is energy that is waiting and Kinetic will never have more energy than the Potential energy

  12. I learned that it is imposible for a kid to build a newtons cradle. I also learned that energy can be transfered with just magnetic balls. I spent 4 hours on it so I am really proud of my self ( I had to get some help from my Dad) It was really hard to build to.

  13. When I did the actual experiment with Koki the experiment did not exactly work. I learned that the electricity ( which is called the acid and the potassium ) in the lemon travels through the nail and the coin by using the aligator clips. then the mini led light will light up and make a circuit/system/process

  14. This seems such a dynamic exchange of ideas. You clearly found excellent ways to convey your learning to others. Is there anything you would do differently next time?

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