Digging Deeper into Exhibition

It’s time to start digging deeper! Over the last few weeks, students have thought about their interests and have narrowed it down to their top 2 for the PYP Exhibition. You can see their ideas on the PYP Exhibition blog now. The easiest way to each students blog entry (there should be 2) is to click on the top menu under “5B students.” There, you will see a list of students. Click on the student’s name, and their blog entries will appear.
This weekend, have a conversation together–adults and students–about issues connected with the student’s top 2 interests. Lay out your ideas in a mind map. Have a conversation with an adult in the most comfortable language for you. In that conversation, students should:
  • Talk about their 2 top interests and why they are interested in them
  • Brainstorm/discuss ideas and issues that are related to their interest. We did something similar to this during the parent intro. to the Exhibition.
  • Write or map out this brainstorm. You can do this in your mother tongue and then translate into English. You can do this using paper like in the image below. If you want to get fancy, there is an app you can add to your Google Drive called “MindMup.” It’s free and you can find it in Google Drive under “Create” “Connect More apps.”
  • Bring in 2 mind maps (1 for each interest) on Monday, February 17th. Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 4.15.37 PM

One thought on “Digging Deeper into Exhibition

  1. I learnt energy saving in year 4 but how do you save energy in your everyday life? I use a lot of energy at home and at school but how can you save energy when you don’t even realise it? Please give examples I really would like to know.

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