Exhibition: Digging Deeper into the School Community

Digging Deeper

IMG_6837Our goal at the beginning of Exhibition has been to move students beyond their passion, interest, curiosity to something bigger. After the students successfully brought in their brainstorms/mind mappings with their parents about their interests and issues related to those interests, we took it one step farther.

It was time to get as much input as we can so that students have a wide variety of local/global issues to choose from.

In class, we did a museum walk-around, adding comments to each other’s  brainstorms as we saw fit. Someone saw the interest “horse,” and knew about the movie “Secretariat,” which had to do with horses and might give them some ideas about horse racing. Someone mentioned sharks in relation to safe swimming in places like Australia. Students helped each other with some ideas. They added to their brainstorm and left their initials.IMG_6834

It worked so well, we decided to call in the rest of the school. With all of the mind maps laid out, teachers from elementary to high school, administrators and parents who happened to be around, came in and added their thoughts to the brainstorms. More adult input.

IMG_6844By the end of the day, the mind maps had additional bubbles in pencil from a variety of people. Students now have a great selection of issues and ideas from which they can choose.

Next step is to narrow it down to just one of those great issues. How will they do it? Stay tuned.


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