What’s the Big Idea?

IMG_6839Tonight’s home learning is simple, yet very important. What is the big idea you want to inquire into during the Exhibition? What makes you say that? Write your thoughts in the comments below.

As we talked today about the purpose and essential features of the Exhibition, you know that you need to:

engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry and explore knowledge that is significant and relevant (from the IB publication about the PYP Exhibition)

You’ve had parents, students and teachers and administrators from YIS give input. Choose one of those big ideas that is interesting to you. Run the idea through this filter and make a comment below.


20 thoughts on “What’s the Big Idea?

  1. I am very interested in snorkeling. After having a discussion with other people and getting comments on my brainstorm, I think I want to look at how the use of plastic is affecting our oceans. This is interesting but also concerns me because I see so much of it when I snorkel.

  2. I am interested in manga(comic). I think I want to look at manga history beacause I want to learn about when did manga started or more questions.

  3. My main idea is (Mission to Mars) but i am doing (populate Mars)as one of the smaller Ideas.
    I am going to find out why they want to populate Mars not other planets.

  4. I am working about animal poison. And I am really interesting about knowing the answer.I think I can find things a lot about this project. I want to know about animal poison because I do not know that much about this.

  5. Im working on ice skating. And I am really interesting about knowing the answer.I think I can find things a lot about this project.

  6. I am interested in painting. The smaller thing that I am going to research about is how the different ingredients that are used to make paint is bad for the environment and humans. I want to look into this and find more information about it because I am interested to know what makes it bad.

  7. My topic is dancing. I would like to know how to become a professional dancer. How is it in Japan, Finland and Australia? In all these countries I will have a professional dancer to interview. Is there any differences or any similarities- something that connects these dancers and their stories?

  8. I am interested in animals in zoos. I think I would like to learn more about how the animal feel in there habitats. Also how they are treated.

  9. My idea is mountain biking. The topic that I am going to research into is mountain biking in the Olympic games. I think this is interesting because mountain biking is new and it will be interesting.

  10. My topic is I want to learn more about how manga is made and why do people write it,If that is not a issue I would do How manga is bad for your self because if people Are so in to manga maybe people could just eat seven eleven lunch and break their health,and I don’t know much things about it so I want to research it.

  11. I like to play video games very much so I want to find out what is the problem of addicting to video games. I want to know if it is bad for me.

  12. I am interested in paintings and I want to know the history of paintings and I want to learn about all these history because I like painting and drawings but I don`t know how it started so I want to know the big issues in the past.

  13. I am interested in karate. I would pick outrigger as my topic but I can’t find a way that it can affect people locally or globally. I am going to talk about self defense. I heard that in America one out of every four people have guns. I am also going to do the pros and cons about wether people should have guns in their house for self defense.

  14. I am interested in books.I want to look at how stories shape the community,because I want to know how stories change people’s life.

  15. My tpoic is sports and I am interest in drug(it is medicine that
    make you more powerful but, bad for your bodyand mental), because I want to find out what happens if you eat drug, what happens if sports man eat drug, and who(sports man) ate drug.

  16. My topic is gas and I want to learn more about the weight of gas.I want to lean this because it is something that I don`t know how the gas is heavy when you cant sea it.

  17. I chose human body and medic because i was interested in body systems form before. I used to like inquiring into ( spacifically ) body systems but this time i would like to inquire into more things like about the history for example how people thought about the human body systems maybe like 100 years ago. Another thing i can inquire into is how medic, body system, and science affect society. which could be related to more stuff/information. And my other reason why i would like to inquire into this is because i think this is something i could get a lot of good information from. I also think i am very interested into finding the actual answer to, for example one could be the solution to problems that are happening right now and how they actually solve it and why they use that way to solve it.

  18. My topic is about trams. My main issue is what are the Benefits of trams? Locally I will be looking deeper through the history of the Yokohama trams. Globally I will look at other tram systems in the world and see if in the end they benefit from the cost and work.

  19. My topic is History. Mostly mythology. My issue with history is that it keeps in changing. I am very sure that there are multiple resources for searching history. I’m not sure if my issue would relate to the earth or Japan.

  20. My topic is space. My issue is space junk because I am interested in how it can effect the world. I also want to see how to get rid of space junk.

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