Disturbing Photos about Plastic in the Oceans

As an example today about how to add videos to the blog and about finding out something interesting about our Exhibition topics, I found this. It’s disturbing, but it’s a real problem. During Exhibition, we might find out some things like this. Share with others. Ask opinions. What do you think?


MIDWAY a Message from the Gyre : a short film by Chris Jordan from Midway on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “Disturbing Photos about Plastic in the Oceans

  1. That video was so sad! I don’t get it that people litter when there not supposed too. Why do people do this to poor animals? It’s so wrong and selfish to the animals humans are selfish aren’t they!

  2. Oh my gosh! That’s so upsetting 😦 To think that that’s what man-kind do today. Animals were here before us and everyone should respect that and help save them. Take care when you do something small – it could have an impact on our global community, including those who dont have a voice.

  3. I think that its really sad that all those birds died Just from eating all that plastic, although they did live in a place that their was a lot of rubbish. but I think that we are responsible for all that rubbish thrown on the ground

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