Who Are We?

Today students started presenting what they learned about Who We Are.

Today’s groups talked about how skin color and your personality help shape your identity. If you presented these ideas, how do you think your presentation went?

In the comments, answer the following:

  • Based on your research, what is something that you connected with (you might have known already)?
  • What is something that extended your thinking (something you hadn’t thought of before)?
  • What is something that challenged you (was difficult to understand)?
  • How do you think your presentation went? What would you do differently next time you present?

6 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. I was fascinated by both of these presentations. I knew something about genes and about how skin color or race is part of identity. However, I didn’t know that so many pop stars have used skin bleaching. I also learned something more about autism. I liked how the groups both showed that they could mostly use images in their slides. Most everyone appeared confident as well when they spoke. Great job!

  2. I was looking at the paper too much. I think that I could of done a little better by taking survey. I think that our group had mostly few words and 2 or 3 pictures in our presentation. I think our group and I did a good job

  3. From what I know I have relationships because People are arguing about if jesus was black or white. I am related because I am christian.

    Something I never thought about before is why it matters.
    For me, Something hard for me is why people bleach their skin.
    For my groups presentation (Skin tone) I think we did well and something I would like to work on is rehearsing even thought we didn’t have much time.

  4. I loved the presentation and I learned about lots of staff.
    I was not here because I had a tummy hurting so I didn’t say my words. But my line was so sort.

  5. I knew that there are many different color of skin,but I didn’t know about Melanin and it was also hard to under stand.I think my group presentation went good. I think next time I need to know how to read difficult words in the presentation.

  6. It was fun learning about personality. I think that our group worked well together because everyone did their slide on their own and then shared it with other people. I already knew that people have different personalities and they act differently around other people. I never knew that personality is who you are. It is how you act, speck and what you like or what you like to do. I think that our presentation went well because everyone knew their topic and talked clearly.

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