Teapot Project: Take 2, Part 1

Several years ago, we began a teapot project. Created in collaboration with teachers from China and YIS in Japan, the idea took off and has been running the last several years. The teapot has traveled from Japan to the US to Indonesia and then back to the US. What it involves is willing teachers, upper […]

Some Serious Math Inquiry

This week we continued investigating shape and measurement with our teapot project. We investigated perimeter and area by thinking about objects in the classroom and then measuring their surfaces for perimeter. We then talked about area and what that represented in a 2-D shape and measured area of those classroom surfaces. Students began to understand […]

Morning Tea

The teapot for our teapot project arrived yesterday, and we opened up the package. Inside was a beautiful spam musubi box, covered completely with rice and a homemade pink pillow on top. Inside was the teapot and some lovely Hawaiian tea. It’s the same teapot we will send along to Canada once we are finished […]

Student-Led Conferences

Today parents and students had some great conversations about Exhibition during our student-led conferences. Students shared their Exhibition learning map with their parents along with their notes, essay and everything they’ve learned so far. They were confident, and parents asked them questions to further their learning. There was a buzz of different languages from Swedish […]

Amazing Research Site

Just found this, so it might be a bit too late for us with Exhibition. However, if anyone is still lacking research or wants to do more or for future reference, check it out. It’s a comprehensive site that points to everything needed to research: from graphic organizers, to search times and sites to check […]

PYP Exhibition: Organization and the Weekly Checklist

How much help do we give students during Exhibition? The big question. After 5 years of facilitating the Exhibition, my answer is…quite a bit. The Exhibition, designed for a student who has been involved in the PYP for many years, with a sound fluency in English, is challenging on so many levels. It’s exciting, engaging, […]

Exhibition: Week 5

Wow, it’s Week 5 of the Exhibition, and everyone has been working so hard. Students have moved out into the community, interviewing and visiting local sites. They’ve been digging through information online and in books and reflecting on all of this thinking in blog posts. Remember, it’s easiest to look at 5B at the top […]

What a Nice Friday Surprise!

We came in this morning, and on the table were small packages for every girl with a box of chocolates (in honor of White Day). On the board was left the cryptic message “From the Boys of 5B.” Of course, many of the boys seemed to have no knowledge of the chocolates, so the mystery […]