The Beginnings of a Teapot Package

Some teapot packages from Hawaiin students

Some teapot packages from Hawaiin students

We are starting to investigate and plan out our teapot project. Now a worldwide phenomena, students at different schools design and create a package to hold a teapot that can be shipped safely to different countries. Students in 5B have started thinking about how to do this.

Last week, we took a trip to Motomachi Union store to start some investigations about packaging. What do packages look like? How can we make a unique design? What kind of shapes are the most common?

Now, we need to start planning. What are your ideas and what are some questions you have? Can you think of at least 1 ideas on how to shape the package and at least 3 questions?


20 thoughts on “The Beginnings of a Teapot Package

  1. Our idea is an Canadian spaceship. Our questions are what if it gets stopped in quarantine. What happens if the fire bit comes off? Will the teapot break?

  2. I think It should be a oval shape because the sphere is the hardest shape to break, but you need room for the handle and the nose. What is the material of the teapot? How thick is it? What is the best shape?

  3. We were thinking about making our package with sides that could pop out if the teapot hit them.
    These are some of my questions.
    Why a teapot why not something else?
    What colour is the teapot?

  4. I think we should make a box with indented sides so when it hits it hard it will flip out. My three questions are how thick is the glass?, What is the material?, and how big is it?

  5. Our design is a cube with indented sides. The colours are black and purple.

    My 3 questions:
    1.How big is it?
    2.How much does it weigh?
    3.What colour should it be?

  6. Our design is a rocket with the Canadian flag on the outside and fire on the end.

    My 3 questions:
    1: will the end break off?
    2: will the fire tear?
    3: how much does it weigh?

  7. Here are our ideas for the teapot package:
    1. colourful
    2. not much space inside
    3. easy to fold

    Our questions are: How big is the teapot? How much does the teapot weigh? What shape is the best for a teapot? How big is the handle of the teapot?

  8. For my groups package I want to paint the design and color it with color pencil,and use a unique shape. I also want it to be very colorful and put some thing in the packaging inside.

  9. We think our design will be a cylinder and colourful.

    Here are my questions
    1 How did you get the idea of the shape?
    2 Why did you choose that colour?
    3 How heavy is the teapot?

  10. I think it can be hexagon. My questions are.
    How long will it take to send the teapot to Canada?
    How heavy is the teapot?
    How did you decide on your shape?

  11. I think it should be a house shape and I wan it to make colourful.
    How much time did it take the package to be completed? What is the good shape for the teapot package? What does the package weight?

  12. Hi! My group have come up with teapot packaging questions.
    1. What would be a could shape for the teapot package?
    2.What will the Hawaiian package look like?
    3.How much will the teapot weight?
    My design idea is to make a dinosaur shape with the canadian flag on it.

  13. My idea was first a cylinder but then I thought it was bad, because it might go everywhere and the teapot might break. So I thought it to be a trapezoid. I thought that was a good shape because it would be good balance and the place to pour the teapot part can be in the longer side. My question is how long did it take to finish, How heavy is the teapot and lastly how big is it because I need to think about how big should I make the trapezoid.

  14. A good design for the tea pot packaging

    – thick walls
    – easy to fold and put in garbage can
    – make it tight
    – put some card board padding ( strips of card board )
    – wrap the teapot with paper or something soft
    – available to see inside

  15. My idea is elepant teapot. My questions is: Is it good shape for teapot?, What is good color for that?, Will it break?

  16. -I think house shape is good shape maybe t
    -thick cardboard
    -no space

    How big is the teapot?
    How much weight is the teapot?
    What kind of shape is best?

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