The Teapot Project: A Skype Call with Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii! Today, we Skyped with a grade 6 class in Hawaii who have designed teapot packages for us. They explained their designs, geometric forms and the measurement they used in them. Their students could clearly explain their winning designs, why they chose them, the excitement and the challenge behind the project. The boxes were really well done, with good color and thoughtful designs, taking in their audience in Japan.

We voted on the one we’d like to receive, and the winner was the one designed as a spam musubi, a popular treat in Hawaii with origins in Japan.

Right now, we are in the planning stages of our teapot project. The project, as part of our focus on geometry and measurement, is one where a group of students design a teapot package to ship to another country. The package will need to be unique, creatively designed, sturdy, with good shape. Here is our criteria for the project, but so much more comes into this.

We had such a great conversation with Hawaii today, and we are all inspired to create an interesting teapot package for some new friends in Canada. We hope to Skype with them later.

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