Exhibition: Week 5

Meeting with Mr. Coutts

Meeting with Mr. Coutts

Wow, it’s Week 5 of the Exhibition, and everyone has been working so hard. Students have moved out into the community, interviewing and visiting local sites. They’ve been digging through information online and in books and reflecting on all of this thinking in blog posts. Remember, it’s easiest to look at 5B at the top and find a student’s name.

We’ve had teachers and administrators come in to chat with students, and students have collaborated both in class and in music, art and drama. There’s an energy in the air, and it seems like all students are caught up in the excitement. This week, parents will come in for conferences so students can share their progress.

Sharing with each other

Sharing with each other

Students and parents, here are some questions you might discuss this week:

  • The Who, What, Where, What, Why and How of your issue.
  • How are you doing? What makes you say that?
  • What has been your biggest achievement so far?
  • What has been your greatest challenge?
  • What are your next steps?



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