Student-Led Conferences

Today parents and students had some great conversations about Exhibition during our student-led conferences. Students shared their Exhibition learning map with their parents along with their notes, essay and everything they’ve learned so far. They were confident, and parents asked them questions to further their learning. There was a buzz of different languages from Swedish to Korean. Hope the day was engaging and beneficial to all.

Here are some photos from today. Thanks for being there!

Student-Led Conferences on PhotoPeach


13 thoughts on “Student-Led Conferences

  1. Hi 5B, looking at the photos of the student-led conferences, I notice the expressions of yourselves and your parents. It made me wonder what discussions and questions you shared about your exhibition. I can especially tell that you had an enjoyable time! Ms Catasti

  2. It went okay because I showed them everything but my parents didn’t make any comments. I showed them my sketch-up model of the space station mir, the notes and the essay draft.

  3. For the conferences, it was pretty fun and I showed all the work for my exhibition, and my mom said that I am doing well. My parents helped me to do my essay because I wasn’t finished. After that, I talked about what I am going to do next and I liked the conference.

  4. I think my student led conference went pretty good. I, after that understood what my parents wanted to know about my exhibition. And I answered most of the questions my parents had and of course my actual 3 main big questions.

  5. My student led conference was a success. my Dad thought it was really good and my Mom said the same. But she said that I needed to do a neater product of my poster. The way we presented our exhibition by making a poster and then explaning our poster. We did a few practisises in class but not alot but I think I was pretty good a explaning my exhibition.

  6. I liked it and it was a lot of fun. My mom liked it and said that I am very good at keeping my notes and information sorted. My dad said that he was impressed that I had an interview with a person that is involved in the Mission to Mars community.

  7. My mom was very proud of me and very happy. I think I am doing good and on track. Everything is sorted and ready. We also looked at the Polar bears wild life and their zoo life. I am very happy of what I have done so far.

  8. The student led conference was a interesting conversation with my parents. I talked about more about the malaria and they told me about a local visit I can go. So I chosen to go while the spring break. It was a very fun conversation.

  9. My student led conference went OK, I guess.My dad said to work on my essay. At home I did another essay and finished it with my dad.

  10. The conferences went ok. I talk to my parants and my dad made many comments for me. I showed them my essay and they said it is ok.

  11. The Student-Led Conferences was good, it was fun to discuss with my parent. My parent said it’s good for me and they think I can do it. I share my learning map with my parent and they said I have to change something. And I didn’t do anything because I finished everything in week 5.

  12. My parents really liked the exhibition topic and my mom said I needed to work on my poster. They felt I needed to do more research. It was really nice talking to my parents because I worked at home with my parents and brother and got a lot of good ideas and information.

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