What Makes a Good Speech?

What makes a good speech? For home learning and Exhibition this week, let’s look at what makes a good speech. On the Exhibition presentation day and evening, you’ll be presenting what you have learned throughout this Exhibition journey. It’s your chance to show off, express yourself. Remember, our theme is: How We Express Ourselves

So, for home learning this week, you are to watch and/or listen to a great speech. Then:

  1. Write a blog post, with a link, or better yet, an embedded video about what you learned about giving a great presentation.
  2. Some things you might answer are: How do they begin their speech? How do they use their voice? How do they end their speech? What makes the speech so good?
  3. Post this on the PYP Exhibition blog: http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/exhibition2014/

Here are some inspiration speech examples:

Here’s an example blog post from a speech we watched in class:

I watched a speech by Steve Jobs that he gave at Stanford University. It was a great speech because he spoke from his heart. He introduced the speech by outlining what he would talk about. Throughout the speech, he paused. His voice modulated up and down. You could tell that he really believed what he was saying. He gave great details: like getting fired from Apple and stories about his beginnings in life. He closes his speech with a quote and says thank you.

In my presentation, I think I will make sure to have good examples and details. I want to practice so I can speak with expression and from my heart. I’ll make sure to pause too. I don’t have to race through my speech.


8 thoughts on “What Makes a Good Speech?

  1. I saw that when they actually speak, they are enthusiastic which includes making their presentation more interesting. And I also realized that what he is saying is clear. He his clear and knows what he is talking about. And his voice is also clear and big enough for every one to hear. He is also looking at the audience and not looking at other places like the floor, celling, . . . And I liked the part where he had a simple picture on the back round explaining what he is saying sometimes. And he also explained WHAT he is talking about before he goes on the actual specific information and facts. He also had a little bit of humor to again make his presentation more interesting.

  2. I watched a speech by Idriz Zogaj. He was talking about how to be a master at memory. He looked and sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He had nothing to look at so he was looking at the audience. He spoke clearly and just the right speed. He looked confident and he was very enthusiastic. He did not look nervous even a slite bite.
    I think for my speech I will practice many times so I can talk clearly and be emthusiastic like him, so it will be better for the audience. I would like to sound confident because if I do I won’t speak so fast and rush so I can finish faster, so if I am confident it willsound like I know what I am talking about and I am not nervouse.

  3. Great job listening to a speech. Please write a blog post on the PYP Exhibition blog. You can copy this wording if needed!

  4. I saw a boy speeking and I saw that in the youtube and he did knew what he was talking about. Also He was lookingb at audience. And he speacked clearly.
    He did not look nervous. I will speak like him.

  5. I watched a speech by Birke Baehr that he gave at a ted talk about organic food. It was a good speech because he spoke from the top of his head and without a paper. He had one mistake. Throughout the speech, he said”Me and my brother and sister”. That’s all. otherwise he did a very great job. His hands moved lot. You know he actually believes in becoming a organic farmer instead of an NFL football player. He had very close details. In his speech he showed the budgets of organic food, un-organic food and the hospital. His thesis was “Buy organic food, know your farm and your farmer.”He said that very last sentence right before thank you.
    In my presentation, I think I will practice in front of my family. I want to practice so that I don’t speak too slow or too fast. I would like to make my speech like his too.

  6. I saw the boy speaking about the food system.He first said what he is going to talk about witch made it clear what he wants to tell the audience. I think his voice was clear. He knew what he was talking about.It made his speech attractive by putting in humor. He paused when the audience laughed or cheered.He used his hands too. At the end he said “Know your food.” I think the audience can remember that message because it was so short. I want to make my speech like his too.

  7. I watched the boy name Birke Baehr and I think it’s good because, he introduce his self and said what he’s going to do. He speak clearly and not to fast. And he’s using his body and talk. And he stop when people laugh. At the end he said a message. And I need to speak clearly and loudly, use my body maybe. And at last I’ll try to add message.

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