PYP Exhibition: Student Reflection

As we draw nearer to our final presentation of the PYP Exhibition, I’ve been reflecting on our process. Students have done a good job. They’ve been dedicated, engaged, serious (for the most part) about this complex task we’ve all embarked upon. Mostly, they’ve reflected.

How Well Do You Know Chart?

How Well Do You Know Chart?

Today, we talked about the thinking skills they had acquired. Metacognition came up, and students quickly got it. It’s reflection! they said. It’s what we are doing right now. I talked with them about how I didn’t know that word until I was older, and it wasn’t something I ever did growing up through a traditional school system.

But these kids, they do it all the time. It was fun to watch their eyes light up when they realized that. I think it made them feel smart. And, it should.

During Exhibition, they’ve been thinking weekly about how well they they know what they are doing, how they are doing and what they will do next.  We’ve kept the rough chart up in our classroom, and they make a lot of comments about it. Wow, look where I started. Look where I am now. Today, when they added their pinky sticky note, some of them put themselves off the chart. They feel pretty good about Exhibition at this moment of almost completion.

Transdisciplinary Skills Reflection

Transdisciplinary Skills Reflection

We’ve also been talking about transdisciplinary skills, going through one a day and reflecting on it. We’ve come up with a bubble chart where they’ve listed examples from Exhibition of how they’ve shown a specific skills. After understanding all of the skills, they chose one from each category and gave a specific example. We have one more to do next week.

We’ve also looked at the learner profile, and they’ve reflected on how well they’ve been a holistic learner. Their peers assessed them as well.

Learner Profile

Learner Profile

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the Exhibition is so much more than gaining factual knowledge. For the reflection alone, it’s been worth it. I think I’ve got a group of pretty confident students who can now point to specific skills, attitudes and holistic learning that they’ve accomplished. Most of them are feeling successful and ready for the final stage of Exhibition: to celebrate their learning.


3 thoughts on “PYP Exhibition: Student Reflection

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  2. Kristen,
    I enjoy your blog and your recent comments about the Exhibition process. I think you are spot on. It’s hard to communicate to those on the “outside” but it is truly about the process.
    This year we tried to capture this on video check it out here!

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