Newsela and Home Learning

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.31.11 PMNewsela…What is it?

We started News Circles last week instead of Literature Circles. Using a site called Newsela, students meet in groups to discuss the news article. They choose an article on Thursday and read the article for the following Tuesday. In addition, they come up with questions to ask their group, find vocabulary and definitions for words they don’t know, and highlight and write down some “ah has,” or things they found surprising or interesting.

Reading and discussing news articles is part of our nonfiction focus. Students have spent a good amount of time reading fiction, and it’s time to mix up the genres.

For Thursday’s group meet, students will look up something they found interesting and research just a bit about it. It’s a way to carry on about our wonders of the world. They’ll bring back a summary of what they learned to share with their group and ask some further questions.

For more information, check out our plan here.


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