This is What Inquiry Looks Like

Inquiry is at the heart of our school. We believe that children learn best by asking questions and searching for answers. They learn by doing and by seeking out. This week, we inquired into organisms and how we would describe them based on a collection of photos. By the end, everyone had an understanding that an organism is a living thing that needs energy to live.

Our garden and aquaponics system has provided a great starting point for conversations and research into how living things rely on each other and about ecosystems and our impact on them.

In Math, students have been learning about problem solving and figuring out different ways people solve problems. They have helped each other and so far have figured out that we can solve mathematical problems by guessing and checking, constructing tables, drawing pictures or using number sentences.

In reading and writing, students have been thinking about what makes a strong reader and writer, and they’ve been making reflecting about their own learning and getting a choice in what they read and write.

Inquiry shows students questioning, digging in, and getting their hands dirty. It should be fun and playful, and often doesn’t look overly orderly. But it’s creative, collaborative and goes deep. Students are taking their learning out of the classroom: going home to finish up stories, staying up late to read, thinking about their garden blueprints. They’re becoming knowledgeable and are becoming thinkers that are really going to make a difference in the world. Students in action.



2 thoughts on “This is What Inquiry Looks Like

  1. Hi 4B, it is great to read about how you are inquiring in many ways in your learning. I wonder what questions you have as you about your learning. I look forward to finding out more from 4B! Ms Catasti

  2. G4B, how very exciting to see how you are developing your own systems of inquiry as learners. It must be an exciting way to learn – I wish that my teachers had put so much time into letting me be as curious at school too. Your garden project looks really interesting I look forward to seeing more photos and reading more about it as it progresses.

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