Grade 4 Takes a Field Trip

This week’s post is all about our grade 4 field trip to JAMSTEC and is brought to you by:

Colin, Eileen, and Karthik!

On Tuesday we had a field trip. And the place was called JAMSTEC. We walked to Ishikawacho Station and went to Shin Sugita by train and walked for a few minutes and reached JAMSTEC.

JAMSTEC was mostly about oceanography, earth, and history.We learned about evolution too.

When we arrived at the museum we got to eat snacks and some of   us were starving although some weren’t. When we finished eating, the tour guide did an intro. about JAMSTEC. JAMSTEC has 6 research vessels!  Then, we went into the movie room with 3D glasses.

After that, we were separated in two groups, and we saw a experiment, 3D movies, and small models. First it was about models and there was a little thing about global warming and a tsunami. Second was an experiment. It was about water pressure. We had a cup that was made of styrofoam and we put it in water and then we put some more water to make it smaller. When there was a lot of water pressure, the styrofoam got really small. We tried it again and we looked at the bubbles carefully and when it shrinks then the bubbles are trying to do their best to come in so then we can’t see the bubbles.

And at last the 3D movies.We wore 3D glasses and the screen was giant. The movie was about the submarine.

We went to the library and read about earth and history (We only stayed in the library for a little while.)

Then we ate lunch, and when we were done eating we went outside. On our way back to school we stopped at a park and some played cops and robbers. Some went to play something else. Miss Nanwani went to get the train tickets. That was our field trip!

4th grade field trip from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


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