Bill Nye Videos

This week’s blog post is by: An, Oscar and Alicia This week 4B finished off our science video. The science video was to help us to explain better and learn some things about our science topic.  Each group has a topic. Oscar, Aya and Mai were Oceanographers. An Oceanographer is somebody that studies the Ocean. […]

Documenting Learning: Do We Need Traditional Reports?

Edna at What Ed Said, I’m writing back to you. Edna wrote a piece recently that hit home right away. Titled Instant Communication and Twice-Yearly Report Cards, she wrote about the need for traditional report cards. As someone in the middle of one of those twice-yearly reports, I couldn’t agree with Edna more. Shouldn’t we re-evaluate the need […]

Visiting Illustrator and Gymnasts

This week students got the lucky chance to see and participate in two events. There were the Danish gymnasts on Wednesday. Students took a PE class with them and saw an amazing performance that afternoon. On Thursday, students spent time with a visiting children’s book illustrator, Ross Kinnaird. He explained illustratiing and did some drawing […]

The Power of a PLN

Jason Graham, a teacher in Indonesia, made this video about #pypchat, a really important community of teacher-learners around the world. The video has been out for a while, but I’m really honored and excited every day to be part of this great community, having great pedagogical discussions online. It’s honestly the best PD that continues […]

Student Choice

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about student choice and giving students even more responsibility. I thought I did a pretty good job. We inquire, and students often choose their inquiries and how they show their understanding. But is this enough? Recently, I spent some time in a 1st grade classroom, run by a great […]