The Power of a PLN

Jason Graham, a teacher in Indonesia, made this video about #pypchat, a really important community of teacher-learners around the world. The video has been out for a while, but I’m really honored and excited every day to be part of this great community, having great pedagogical discussions online.

It’s honestly the best PD that continues day after day that I’ve ever had. When I first started in on Twitter, I didn’t know a lot about what I was getting into. I tried it and got involved. I use Twitter only for educational purposes. In fact, I was shocked the other day when my daughter brought up again how she wants to be “on” Twitter. I forgot people use it just to chat casually as well.

Join our chats or check out other chats. It’s happening now on Twitter, and it’s really happening. Our next chat is about transdisciplinary teaching. See more on the #pypchat Wiki or check it out on Twitter. #pypchat

It’s hard to describe how much I’ve learned.

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