Bill Nye Videos

IMG_5519This week’s blog post is by: An, Oscar and Alicia

This week 4B finished off our science video. The science video was to help us to explain better and learn some things about our science topic.  Each group has a topic. Oscar, Aya and Mai were Oceanographers. An Oceanographer is somebody that studies the Ocean. An, Eileen and Joowon were Climatologists. Climatologists study the climate. Ken, Anish, Jungsu and Colin were Seismologists but they worked in different groups. Seismologists study Earthquakes. Khadija, Mitsuki and Alicia were Geologists. Geologists study rocks.  Karthik and Josh were Volcanologists.  Volcanologists study volcanoes. These groups had to make a video about their topic. They had to explain what they had learned. These are the links to the video that we made.

Geology from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Here are some other videos:

Did you like them? Well hopefully you did! The 4B scientists worked hard for this. Getting everything, music and more. We have sent off our videos to some students in Mongolia and New York, and they’re going to give us some feedback. We want to make them better.


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