Learning to Give

At the end of the year, we’re caught up in reports, portfolios and in my case, finding a job for next year. It’s all been a bit overwhelming. So, instead of planning more work for my kids, making sure all is on track academically, and stressing myself out more, I decided to detour just a […]

Fine Communicators

It’s fun to learn when there is really good open communication going on. Lately, 4B has been practicing their communication skills through some great presentations and conversations with each other, other YIS students and students around the world. Today, students presented at assembly about gaining support for the Sanagitachi Center for the homeless. Some students confidently […]

Our Garden is Growing!

A blog post, brought to you by Mitsuki, Joshua and Joowon: These past weeks the potatoes and spinach are growing a lot, in our space in our garden. The weather and soil are very good and our plants are growing quickly and we are glad. The other plants seem to be growing a lot too […]

Updated videos

After getting feedback from our friends in Mongolia and from New York city, students revised their videos this week, trying to change at least one part of their video. Students also had the feedback from their classmates. Each group got together again and reflected on what they could change. Here are some of the results. […]

What do you think? What are you going to do about it?

This poster was a provocation for our new unit about media under “How We Express Ourselves.” It welcome students, plastered around the classroom on Tuesday. Their immediate reaction was of course, No! There was a lot of discussion, including a discussion from different perspectives. Students thought through parents, administrators and teachers’ perspectives about why there […]