Fine Communicators

It’s fun to learn when there is really good open communication going on. Lately, 4B has been practicing their communication skills through some great presentations and conversations with each other, other YIS students and students around the world.

Today, students presented at assembly about gaining support for the Sanagitachi Center for the homeless. Some students confidently performed a skit and speech in front of the elementary school and parents. Other students had prepared a video, which was shown to the entire elementary school.

During the week, students have been stopping in and presenting information to other classes about Sanagitachi. Teachers have commented on how well they discussed their ideas and answered questions.

In addition, students talked and worked with their 9th grade buddies today. Together, they created 2-D and 3-D snowflakes that are now decorating the classroom. The 3-D snowflakes seemed incredibly challenging, but all the 9th graders and 4B were engaged for 45 minutes, attempting to work them out together.

Last Friday, students got a chance to have another Mystery Skype. This time, they discovered they were calling Kuala Lumpur. Through a round of questioning, the 4th grade students there figured out we were in Yokohama. We figured out they were at the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Mystery Skype is where students prepare questions to figure out where in the world the other school is. Very fun. This was our 2nd Mystery Skype of the year.

They’ve discussed different perspectives in advertising and practiced listening to each others’ viewpoints.

Finally, students have been writing poetry during our writers’ workshop, and wow, they’ve written some amazing poems. Communicating their ideas and different perspectives through words. Comparing an eraser to a train on tracks to nowhere. Bringing out images of Australia’s wildlife and writing about how yellow sounds like a good morning. Look for some poetry in the near future.

Here’s the students’ week in pictures:4B Communicators on PhotoPeach


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