Inspiring Our Kids

Happy New Year! We’re back at school and fully charging ahead. As part of our unit, How We Express Ourselves, where we are looking at how the media influences thinking and behavior, our students are going to run campaigns. We’re starting to think about how they can use media to change the world, or at least a very small part of the world.

Already we’ve run a class campaign to get supplies for a local homeless shelter. Now, it’s the students’ turn. We watched some inspirational videos today and read about Malala Yousafzai. We followed with a silent discussion (all in writing) about her life and struggle for education.

Students then got a chance to explore some great websites like Inspire My Kids.

Here are some good inspirational videos and a list of inspirational movies for kids. Time for some action.

Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

The Panyee FC Short Film

And this is a great short video about the Share My Dabba system in Mumbai, India.

Common Sense Media put out a list of inspirational documentaries as well, aimed at kids.

Great stuff out there to help our kids dig into action.


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