Shibuya Field Trip

This post is written by Karthik, Mai and Joshua:

On February 3rd, the fourth graders went to Shibuya to learn about advertising and some data collection. We were in groups of three or four.

This is about Mai’s(My) group. My group was Oscar, Lisa and Sojiro.

First, we explored the ads. There were lots of ads around the shops. Some moved, some were big, some were very noisy.

Next, we planned where to eat at, and then we ate there.

Then, we walked to find a shop with sweets. We found a frozen yogurt shop. You could choose as much frozen yogurt like strawberry, chocolate, green tea, vanilla and others. You could choose your toppings like chocolate sprinkles, strawberries, bananas and others.

Finally, we explored some places. There were interesting things.

Shibuya from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


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