How We Express Ourselves: Campaigns Continue

The campaigns students started during our previous unit are continuing, even as we move through our next unit.

The students’ goal was to take action, using media to promote their action.

This week, Karthik, Colin and Anish ran their toy trading center during the morning recesses. It was incredibly popular, especially with the younger kids. Their goal was to have kids trade their toys rather than buy new ones.

What do you think about your campaign? How are you taking action? How is it going so far?



15 thoughts on “How We Express Ourselves: Campaigns Continue

  1. Our campaign is about making trash into toys or art. I think we are doing a a good job with our campaigns. Next we want to take action.

  2. Our campaign is going very well because we are making a video/ad and went to all the elementary and asked a question. We might be going to make a sign up sheet and look at the people who wants to go and then go to Motomachi to pick up rubbish.

  3. Our campaign is going well, because we are making our video/advertisement and we are half through it. We are going to pick up trash around the school Motomachi. We might make a sign up sheet about picking up trash for people who wants to help.

  4. Our campaign is going well right now we are making a video about our campaign.
    We are going to pick up trash in the school and around the school.
    Next we might make a sign-up for people who want to help us pick up trash.

  5. we are trying to trade to keep the earth a clean.

    We have a trading shop and take toys from home to trade and not throw toys.

  6. Our campaign is about picking up trash. I think our campaign (Aya, Mitsuki, An, Eileen) is going good. We finished our data and now, we might make a trash pick up sheet. We might pick up trash around Motomachi and inside school.

  7. It was hard because people where crowded and they want so many things.
    They gave us toys more than clothes because they thought that it was toys only.

  8. our campaign was good but there is none that is sigh in our how to stop adds that is annoying. We asked the Elementary. We need to teach ABP.

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