Making Miso Soup

Blog Writers this week: Khadija, Ken, Eileen

On March 4th,  we made Miso soup. Everyone except one person said they had fun making miso soup.

 We thought of making miso soup because we were planting vegetables. We had to bring things in. We had to bring a knife, a spoon, a bowl, miso, serving spoon, and a cutting board. We thought of putting in cabbage, radishes, and potatoes, and a few carrots because they were all pulled out already.

 It was pretty hard because you didn’t know how much miso to put in and how long we should heat it. Some people put in udon.(うどん.)When 4G came they looked at us cooking and when we finished they got a paper cup and got a little of 4B’s soup.

 Here are some thoughts:

 Alicia: I think it went well.

 Mitsuki: I think it went well too.

 An: Me too.

 Ken: I thought it was going to be only a little fun, but it was actually more fun than I thought! The miso soup wasn’t great compared to my mom’s miso soup.

 Daniil: It was fun.

 Khadija: It was fun and I learned how to make miso soup now.

 Anish: It was super tasty! We mixed something different but I forgot what it was called.

 Mrs.Blum: I thought it was really good. It tasted better than I thought.

 Eileen: I thought that it went well, and I think that we should do it again or make a different dish.

And that is the story of our miso soup.

Making Miso soup from YIS Academics on Vimeo.


One thought on “Making Miso Soup

  1. So what did Josh think? He was very excited about making it. Who didn’t enjoy cooking home grown vegetables! What an achievement 4b.

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