Glorious spring days and fun

What a great week it’s been with days getting warmer, a new garden growing and happy children sharing their learning with their parents. Students presented about countries around the world, and we tasted foods and played some games popular in other countries.

With spring here, it was time to do some more planting, so we headed to get seeds at Homes again, and spring seeds and seedlings are now gracing our garden. Students were given a budget of 600 yen/group to buy their seeds. There was a lot of negotiation involved in meeting their budget. In fact, by the end, Aya showed us a page of Math they had done to figure out if they could meet budget.

Here are some photos from the week:

One thought on “Glorious spring days and fun

  1. Dear 4B,
    In your blog post you are getting ready for gardening and seem really prepared after your shopping trip. What else do you notice when the season is changing from Winter to Spring? Ms.Catasti

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