Trash into Toys and Pajama Day

This week’s blog written by Aya, Anish and Daniil

Oscar and Mai in 4B have been doing a trash into toys campaign. They did a competition of who can make the best toy out of trash. On Thursday, they did the judging. At assembly, they announced the first, second, and third prize. They will also continue the project and will have another competition from March 20th to April 8th and will present the result on April 10th. For the first competition, the first prize was Aya from 4B. The second prize was Chanceo from 1P. The third prize was Lisa from 4N.

PJ DAY !!!!!

Today March 20, We had PJDAY!

On PJ Day everyone who participated in this celebration wore pyjamas.Everyone had fun!

Spring break!

On Saturday 21 March we will start 2 weeks long spring break.

Enjoy the video:

Tech from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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